Teaching for Learning

Liz Mynott

Liz’s interest in learning and professional development has inspired her to focus on teaching for learning. She is an enthusiastic and dynamic specialist, her training is motivational and her hands-on approach inspires positive, instant and sustainable change in working practices.

Previously, as Warwickshire’s adviser for ‘Learning to Learn’ and ‘Behaviour Management’, Liz has trained and coached over 2000 professionals with outstanding impact. Her time at Warwickshire embedded her practical knowledge as a primary AST specialising in teaching for learning.

In the classroom Liz has taught across the whole primary range, in an EAZ school, schools with high levels of SEN and a school in serious weaknesses. While teaching Year 6 in 2004 she achieved 5 out of 5 outstanding lessons in an Ofsted inspection and was a member of the senior leadership team that transformed the school leadership from ‘poor’ to ‘good’.

Running courses, workshops, pupil learning days, INSET and providing coaching for learning organisations, she has a unique ability to creatively engage learners whilst maintaining productivity and fun.

She encourages teachers to consider not “what shall I teach today?” but “how will they learn today?”. This fundamental shift is core to her work.

Co-author of the ‘Practical Speaking and Listening’ activity book and international trainer, she’s the refreshing, dynamic specialist you’ve been looking for to take learning to a new level of understanding.

Liz is an approved trainer for Vision for Learning, an accredited coach and a certified NLP practitioner. She continues to research her material thoroughly and is a member of the Oxford Cognitive Neuroscience Education Forum.

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